He’s smart and thoughtful, he has become the intellectual leader of the group and they are trying to empower him to be the handicapped representative. He works hard to achieve independence, he works long hours but is unable to save enough money on below average minimum wage.

ANDRES (45) and ANITA (50)

They would like to have a family, but they can not- They are trying to find a priest willing to perform a wedding and to convince their parents to allow them to live on their own. They do not refuses to give up with their dream.


RITA (45)

She can’t relate to her friends they way she wants to because her 95-year-old mother still treats her like a child. She is not allowed to do anything on her own, even though she’s capable; she can’t go out with friends, can’t do things at home and she’s given very little food, so Rita tries to steal food from the cooking workshop.